James worked in Parliament, CCHQ and the NHS prior to joining the Army. He served as an Officer for approximately six and half years before moving abroad and working for a short period in Dubai and Iraq. On his return he set up his own consulting firm.

A year later after a brief stint at Amazon, James was asked to become the Director of Communications for International Senior Lawyers Project (ISLP), a legal charity dedicated to providing pro bono legal advice to developing country governments, civil society organisations and NGOs.

James returned to Westminster in October 2018, advising political and business clients on campaigning. From February 2020 James worked in Parliament as Chief of Staff for Gagan Mohindra MP, throughout the pandemic until September 2021. Since then he has focused on building a successful property development company and social media business. He is also the Executive Director of Conservative Friends of the Armed Forces and is active in the the Army Reserve delivering training at the ULOTC. He has provided business and management consultancy to large multi nationals, executives in the rail and finance industry and regularly speaks on panels and at conferences.

In October 2023 he was invited to join the team as a Special Adviser at the Ministry of Defence.