Reading List

A selection of books with political themes that I have either read, would like to read or think are worth reading. The list is NOT exhaustive and reflects only what’s on the shelf at the moment!

-The Power Law by Sebastian Mallaby

-The Political Animal by Jeremy Paxman

-Chip War by Chris Miller

-The Conservatives by Robin Harris

-So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed by Jon Ronson

-The People vs Tech by Jamie Bartlett

-Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell

-12 Rules for Life by Jordan B Peterson

-The Victory Lab by Sasha Issenberg

-Why We Get the Wrong Politicians by Isabel Hardman

-Post-Truth by Matthew D’Ancona

-Failed States by Noam Chomsky

-More Human by Steve Hilton

-Conservatism by Roger Scruton

-The Strange Death of Europe by Douglas Murray

-The Death of the Gods by Carl Miller

-Remaking One Nation: The Future of Conservatism by Nick Timothy