“I’ve campaigned with James in Lewisham and attended and spoken at events he has organised. He’s completely committed to the Party and the country and would make an excellent Member of Parliament.” James Cleverly MP

“I have known James since 2019. In every aspect in which we have interacted I have been impressed. His leadership of Conservative Friends of the Armed Forces has been exemplary. I’m particularly passionate to see more veterans represented in Parliament. James’ knowledge, experience and background in the military would be a huge asset to the Parliamentary party. – Sarah Atherton MP

“My experience of James is wholly positive. He is a convincing, committed campaigner whose genuine focus is serving the community, the Party and the country. His drive and enthusiasm are infectious.” – Rt Hon. Michael Gove MP

“I wanted to thank you (James) for your Service and commend all that you do to support our Armed Forces and highlight the value those who served can bring to our party.” – Rt Hon. Jeremy Hunt MP

“James worked for me in the Commons and has worked extremely hard on behalf of the entire party – I understand him to be a brilliant local activist and dedicated Chairman for Lewisham. We need his youth and dynamism at this crucial time. If I were on a selection committee with James as the candidate I would certainly cast my vote for him.” -Rt Hon. Sir Alan Duncan MP

As a former military officer, you would expect James to have the ability to lead and the energy and enthusiasm that goes with it. However, James has three further attributes that would make him a wonderful MP – he has great warmth and charisma, and this along with his natural empathetic intelligence and concern for others means he would be a valuable asset as an MP. – Marjorie Baylis, SW Regional Deputy Chairman, Membership and Finance.

I worked with James as his agent in the 2019 General Election and was Chairman of Islington Federation. James’ passion, integrity and drive throughout the campaign was second to none. His ability to engage and empathise with voters in this tough area was remarkable alongside his dedication to Conservative values. He is a true asset to the Conservative Party and a great friend and colleague. – Ed McGuinness, former Islington Conservatives Federation Chairman

“I worked closely with James during the 2017 General Election campaign when he was the candidate for Islington North and I was both his Agent and the Association Chairman. From the outset it was an absolute pleasure working with James; his energy, enthusiasm and can do attitude are infectious which throughout the campaign were invaluable qualities in helping to motivate and inspire activists across the Association. James has a keen strategic mind which he used to good effect whilst working together to set out the approach to the campaign across leafleting, press coverage, fundraising and all other activities. The diligence and work ethic James applied throughout the campaign were second to none ensuring he covered every inch of the constituency, met countless constituents and made personal thank yous to one and all activists who supported the campaign.” – Evan Williams, former Islington Conservative Federation Chairman

“James is an excellent leader, willing to lead from the front, working hard and encouraging others. He is happy to rise to a challenge, staying positive and enthusiastic, whatever the circumstances.” – Hugh O’Leary, Lewisham Deptford Conservative Association President

“Having got to know James well over the last couple of years as the Association Treasurer, I can say that he has as Chairman been a real tonic to the Association with his energy, organisation and hard work.  James has keen political judgement matched with good common sense. He enjoys political life and it is infectious; politics is enjoyable and fun with James. Real pleasure to be on his team.” – Mike Baker, Lewisham Deptford Association Treasurer (and past Chairman )

“I’ve worked with James as the London South East Area Chairman for the past couple of years. As the Lewisham Deptford Chairman he has dealt with local elections and the everyday running of the association both professionally and capably. He is a committed Conservative, able to work across constituency associations to support the cause.” – Ben Spencer MP

“James is an exceptional leader who I am pleased to call a friend. Through my work with him on Conservative Friends of the Armed Forces and campaigning together, I know that he is the kind of serious, bright and dedicated individual that we need at the forefront to face up to the big challenges facing our country.” – William Hall, Oxfordshire Area Chairman

“James is a great boss and colleague. His enthusiasm to help people and to make a positive change is inspiring and motivational. Whilst working with James, he has trusted me with responsibilities which has improved my confidence at work – he always makes the time to listen to my ideas. I’ll always be thankful to James for giving me the opportunity to be a part of CFAF so early on in my career! ” – Alice Hopkin, Membership CF Armed Forces