James has had the pleasure of working at CCHQ on and off for nearly 15 years. Since attending events as the UCL Conservatives Vice-President, he has always enjoyed the busy, professional atmosphere and meeting the characters who play such an important part in British politics.

James worked in Parliament for Rt. Hon. Sir Alan Duncan MP during his university career. After leaving UCL James worked in the CCHQ Press Office for a year doing media monitoring before leaving. He returned again for brief stints in 2015 and 2016.

He currently engages closely with CCHQ in his multiple roles and has recently been invited to present to other prospective or recently selected candidates about his experiences and the path ahead. He has also worked with CCHQ in his time as Chief of Staff for Gagan Mohindra MP, over boundary changes and on youth engagement.

Sometimes there is friction between central office and Associations. James believes most of this is character driven. The central party and Associations are in almost every respect working towards the same goals but sometimes have different ideas about how to achieve those. He believes working together, balancing and respecting all points of view, always provides the best solutions.