“James Clark is an enthusiastic, determined and reliable candidate who will work hard across the whole of Hertfordshire”

About Me

I have lived in Hertford for a few years but have been a devotee of the Hertfordshire countryside and people since 2016 when I started dating my now wife. She lived in Braughing so together we explored the Eastern side of Hertfordshire and through my work and social relationship with Gagan Mohindra MP, I’ve got to know the Southern and Western parts of the County well too. Through my video production business I’ve been able to get a real feel for the whole county working alongside David Lloyd the Police and Crime Commissioner and his deputy Lewis Cocking who is also the Leader of Broxbourne District Council. I’m a veteran still serving in the Army Reserve (and have delivered talks to the ACF in Hertford), am a local school governor at Simon Balle All Through School and was appointed by MinDPV to the East of England Veterans and Pensions Advisory Committee. I’m a keen supporter of my local Conservative Associations (all three of them) and during local (and previous national) elections have been all over Hertfordshire campaigning. I am also the Executive Director and founder of CF Armed Forces.

Why I am standing for Area Chairman?

As I said in my leaflet I believe we need to refresh our tactics across Hertfordshire. The element of managed decline that I fear is befalling the Parliamentary Party has seeped into local politics and I’d like to reverse that. Hertfordshire should a bastion of Conservative values, politics, Councillors and MPs – we must not rest on our laurels; instead we need to go out into our local communities and engage with voters, reflect and guide their values and needs and deliver on their behalf.

There are three main ways I think we can do this:

Joined Up Campaigning: Labour and the Lib Dems are both a threat. I’ve fought both and will continue to put my campaign experience to full effect, with mutual support and regular, advertised campaign sessions. We need to support local Association efforts and share best practice.

Fundraising: We can’t win campaigns without the funding to do so and that’s why as Area Chairman fundraising will be high up my agenda, working with local Associations to raise the most buck so we can have the biggest bang.

Events: From an Area Conference to dinners and receptions with special guests, campaign days and Area run events with a twist, we need to engage members at an Area level as part of our efforts to engage them at a local Association level.

We need to combat Labour and the Liberal Democrats in District elections next May and beyond. I want to ensure Hertfordshire is a well oiled, well funded campaign machine capable of holding and winning seats across the County. That’s my pitch. Please consider voting for me for Area Chairman.

Thank you for reading this.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch – email James@jclark.uk.